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Skill by the history of Matsuuchi spanning more than 120 years and our experience

The cellulitis blankets woven by the three-dimensional multi-layer


In August 2013, We have completed a new blanket that has a three-dimensional multi-layer structure. That's what we have studied much.

Until now blanket was natural that the interweaving of the front and back.Therefore, in our company, I did a study on the possibility of weaving a new multiple three-dimensional structure. As a result, we have succeeded to have a more complex structure, the development of blanket feature-rich.

In order to achieve a three-dimensional weave, we must use the same in the warp and weft called Tatenuki. However, it is not suitable for mass production because of time and effort and cost. By our flexible idea and prominent technique, we realized ideal form of the new blanket which we were lighter, and a texture was good and retained heat and had comfortable humidity retention. We are good at multi-product, small lot production. We used the 20th thinner washable two-ply yarn without using the seventh two-ply yarn which I usually used.

We enabled the process that "knitting" was near rather than this "texture" simply because there were the history and the skill that devoted itself to a blanket production act since the establishment of a business of 1891.

Good point of the Hachisu blanket

  1. For conventional front and back double weaving, I finish the three-dimensional multiplex structure texture and realize the unprecedented feel and a texture, lightness.
  2. The Hachisu structure of several levels produced the gap of a thread and the thread and it was high-dimensional and reproduced heat retention and the absorbency that wool originally had.


Washable wool 100%
Size /140x200cm
Color / Ivory